Mission Interact


To see all followers of Christ, ‘standing fast in one spirit, with one mind striving side by side for the faith of the gospel.’ Philippians 1:27


On mission to our local community, we are partnered churches creating opportunities for Christian young people to interact and serve so that they may be one in Christ and the world may know the Gospel through their unity.

The movement...

On any given Sunday, you likely drive by at least 4 churches on the way to your own. Each church is full and youth are being served and taught about Christ, and hopefully, strong friendships with fellow believers are being made. Imagine though, how much stronger the “cord” would be if we could weave all the youth in all of these churches into a more unified “rope” of believers in their schools and neighborhoods. Imagine, if they were all one in Christ and knew it! We hope to foster a greater unity of believers amongst our youth and yours by giving them opportunities to serve together, work, sweat, and have fun and fellowship together, right here in our own mission field… here in Oviedo and East Orlando. Hopefully the new friendships and memories made through Christian service together will translate into a bigger base of support in their walk from Sunday to Sunday. Standing united and making right choices may be easier when they can recognize more brothers and sisters in Christ.

So… here’s the idea…. Mission: Interact ... The last week of July each summer. Together with your youth group of 6th to 12th graders, and your Youth Ministry team, adults and college age students, we put together local opportunities to serve Jesus by serving our community, a few nights of high energy worship, and an opportunity to live on mission here and now. Sunday night would start up with teambuilding games, some high-energy worship, and a send-out plan for the week. Since we are working locally, this will be a unique mission opportunity. Each morning we will crank up with breakfast and a quick rally before we send out the pumped-up youth to work service projects. We’ll work alongside the kids in service projects, which your own church may select, special needs of the Orlando Children’s Church, and other opportunities which we can plan together. Youth return to the Oviedo Base Camp in the afternoon and after some games, washing up, and dinner, we would have a worship time together at different churches throughout Oviedo. It is awesome to worship together with different styles and music. Then, it’s travel back to Oviedo Base Camp and free time before lights out. At the close of the week, your entire family and all the people that your Kingdom-minded students have served are invited to a kickoff celebration service and potluck meal! Mission Interact History (we’re making it!)

Mission Interact is not an event.... it's an engagement. MI has grown from a 3 day local mission to a 7 day, 6 night, truly unique opportunity to grow His kingdom.

What is "Interacting?"

Interacting with Each Other
• Worship Together, worship variety
• Create atmosphere for students to expand their circle of friends
• Equip our students for strength in Christ by working shoulder to shoulder in Christ’s BIG church, three-fold cords

Interacting with Their Community
• Serve Christ through Serving Others
• Experience service locally
• Expose the community to God’s love through service to them

Registration costs will cover the food, lodging and transportation. We welcome entire student groups and their Student Ministers. To provide the best possible safety, we ask that participating churches coordinate with their youth and parents so that we can keep a youth/adult ratio of 10 to 1.

We would love to have YOU be part of this exciting local mission designed especially for Oviedo and East Orlando! There are opportunities to work alongside the students, help with meals, transportation (bus drivers will be needed), help with free time games and activities, and plenty of opportunities to sponsor the mission either financially or with in-kind services. No matter how you choose to participate, please join us in our prayer that God will use Mission Interact to build a unified Church through our students' interaction with each other and the community. Pray that Christ’s gift of love to us will be paramount in our hearts and service so that “they may be one.”