Mission Interact
Thank YOU!
The Mission Interact team is every student, every parent, every church, every family and business that shares Christ's vision of his Father's kingdom come, here and now.  Over the years, this team has been blessed to work alongside each other to impact the community and point to our greatest, and only hope, Jesus.  Hosting several hundred students, meals, transportation, equipment and supplies, insurance, worship, and media resources does cost quite a bit.  Through the generosity of our host churches, we enjoy a place to camp and worship.  If you would like to partner with Mission Interact financially, we would be over the top grateful.  All contributions are tax deductible and we even have an account through United Way so that you can designate a donation if you are involved in workplace giving.  Contact us at the link below to discuss sponsorship recognition or make an immediate contribution on line at your convenience.
We love our partners!

Mission Interact is so grateful for the support and transportation provided by Orlando Children's Church.  Please get involved with the 365 interaction there!